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Stapleton Tower – The History

Stapleton Tower stands a few miles to the east of Annan and was described in 1514 by Lord Darce, a warden of the ‘Debatable Lands’ as the only remaining building in the area after an English attack destroyed the town of Annan.

Dating from the early 16th century the tower was built as a fortified house to protect its occupants from the general lawlessness of the border area between Scotland and England. The tower continued to be used for this purpose until the rule of law, and peace came to the ‘Debatable Lands’.

The tower was involved in one notable event in 1626 when it was held under siege for 6 months by Scottish government forces after it was illegally occupied during a feud between two local families.

During the Victorian era a grand mansion house was built on to the tower, with landscaped and walled gardens being created. Several others buildings were also added at this time, with the Gate Lodge and Laundry Cottage still being occupied to this day.

During World War 2 the mansion house served as a home to the ‘Bernardo Boys’, evacuees from more dangerous parts of the country.

The mansion house fell into dis-use by the late 1950s and was demolished leaving only the tower, a listed building, remaining.

The tower stands on private property and is not accessible without the land owner’s permission, however it can clearly be seen from the B6357 Annan to Kirkpatrick-Fleming road.