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Annan The History Town

Enlivening Annan's past to create a brighter future for the town...

Modern Annan

Annan, Queen of the Border, is steeped in history going back to Roman times. A statue of King Robert The Bruce features on the front of our Victorian Town Hall and a plaque at the Café Royal, on the site where Robert Burns lodged, commemorates the poet writing The Deil’s Awa’ wi’ th’ Exciseman there.

Visitors entering our Ancient Royal Burgh from the west will cross the elegant Annan River Bridge which affords spectacular views along the river, where the remains of the Bruce’s castle can still be explored. The town is known for its buildings of local red sandstone, which was transported across the ocean to build the New World. The first edifice on the right is Bridge House (1780), one of the finest Georgian town houses in Scotland. It served as the town Academy, where Thomas Carlyle, Edward Irving and Hugh Clapperton were pupils. Thomas Carlyle also taught there.

Take time to visit the excellent choice of local, independent shops – as well as the cafes, restaurants and hotels. There is parking available in the centre of town. For those who enjoy walking, there are plenty of opportunities for short or longer routes. In summer, the Annan History Town Festival sparks the High Street into life.

Things to Do in Annan